About Logitech belonging to Kornilakis SA is active in the field of Logistics and in particular:
- Storage
- Distribution
- Sorting
- Manufacturing
- Tax warehouse
And any kind of service on duty, import, storage and transportation of goods as well as inventory management (3rd party Logistics).
The modern freight and transit center is in Magoula.
It has direct access to Attiki Odos (output 2) located near the National Road Athens - Corinth.
It is 3.5 km from the port of Eleusis.
A point of access to the port of Piraeus. The privately owned buildings total area of ​​23,000 sqm located in Magoula in Thriassion, a strategic point for the distribution of products.
About Logitech act ecologically. As a central provider traffic and logistics take seriously into account the contribution of the environment.
A model for the effective use of available resources.
Roofs are located kilometers photovoltaic thin film.