A total of approximately 23,000 sqm of indoor facilities in which they work:

  • Warehouses and industrial flooring, feature electro ramps are equipped with fire alarm systems and alarm
  •  Designated warehousing
  •  Temporary storage space (third country goods)
  •  Designated bonded warehouses


Technological Equipment

The company is equipped with highly technological systems that ensure fast, accurate and high quality delivery of services. The technology includes:

  • Utility Warehouse WMS
  •  Barcode RF system which ensures speed in finding and storing the products and the principles of traceability and system FIFO (First In First Out)
  •  Forklifts art (Reach Trucks, Pallet Trucks), electric, environmentally friendly


Security Systems

The company's activities with materials handling require not the appropriate sites, such systems high standards to achieve the safe storage and transport. These systems include:

  • Preservation through excellent infrastructure flanked by full alarm system with cameras and sensors covering the boundaries of the premises
  •  Integrated alarm system that covers the entire inside of covered warehouse
  •  Preservation of sites by private security company
  •  Fire Alarm System - fire in the highest category fire safety requirements of the Fire Service



The total owned land is 48000 sqm All areas are fenced, guarded, equipped with the most modern electronic and fully paved.