As the global market expands and evolves, it is important to find a 3pl logistics providing flexibility in connection with "customer-centric" solutions. By reducing capital costs, increasing product visibility and relieve stress function, any delegation of your products in a Logistics company is the best method to improve your profits.

Logitech - Kornilakis is what you're after with a difference because it has the following significant advantages:


Warehouse locations

The outsourced storage enables the distribution and completion of each product. The geographical position of our distribution centers can greatly reduce your transportation costs. Significantly reducing your costs you can excel in your field renewing equipment, software and infrastructure of your company.


Safety Products


Logistics return

The attention that a 3PL can provide your refund can allow your customer to focus solely on the order process, rather than the logistics of a lost sale. Finally, the enhanced visibility of incoming products can reduce return costs, improve process control and increase the efficiency of the supply chain.