The services offered by Logitech can be divided into three major

  • 3rd party logistics services of goods and vehicles
  • Long term rentals of warehouses
  • Customs clearing procedures


Warehouses long term rentals

Logitech offers private warehousing areas for rent, with long term contracts to companies that wish to manage their goods themselves.

These areas can be designed and/or built from the beginning in line with the demands and wishes of the customer (built to order) and concern any kind of warehousing, need (dry cargo, cooling chambers, specialized construction, etc).

The rent is allocated upon specific agreement in circumstances of major projects. Logitech has the capability to suggest to the candidate customer places for erecting warehouses and according to their choice, to construct warehouses specifically and for the exclusive use by the particular customer.


3PL Services

  • 3PL
  • Unloading, collecting, sorting storing and managing goods, loading
  • Storing of goods in specially modulated areas (back-to-back racks with anti-earthquake protection, air conditioned spaces, special storage areas for flammable substances etc)
  • Publication of relevant documentation for the customer
  • Palletisation, integrating, dividing loads, sorting packaging, picking, labeling
  • Stock reports, physical inventory
  • Transporting to and from the company's warehouses
  • Daily door to door distribution all over Greece
  • Collection of cash and installments